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Holi festival of Colours or how to survive with a camera

One of the world’s greatest festivals is Holi festival of Colors. If you’ll be experiencing it for the first time, it’s going to be highly memorable! Let me show you how to come home having had the best experience, with great pictures, and a camera that’s still working!


Sometimes in life, you just have to wing it. We already had tickets, but I wanted the acess-all-area ones.

One polite e-mail with portfolio attached later, and I was accredited as Holi's official photographer. In return, I promised 40+ photos.


When photographing Holi, the biggest worries are protecting your gear, getting your shots, and looking after yourself. Not to point out the obvious, but you are going to see a lot of this flying around. It’s crazily colorful and totally amazing, but can do a lot of damage to your equipment.

Out there - it's every man for himself. But try these before even entering:

  1. Protect! Your! Lens! With! A! Filter!

  2. Take a good all-round lens. You won’t be able to change it

  3. Cover your camera with rain gear & seal the open ends with duct-tape

  4. Your memory card should be empty and big enough for all the pictures you’ll take. You won’t be able to change it.

  5. Use a fully charged battery, but take extra ones too. That’s the only thing you can safely change if you’re careful, but it’s better if you don’t need to.


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